ORBISTRIKER® - New innovative and addictive sparring device for boxers and other martial artists!

New innovative and addictive sparring device!
Patent pending!
Technology & brand for licensing/sale!
Published in July 2019

The ORBISTRIKER® sparring device is unpredictable and fully mechanical. The user gives energy and determines the intensity of the training by punching. The arm reaches the head and middle body, giving straight and hook-like punches from left to right. The arm is soft and safe to interact with, but the strikes are reasonably unpleasant teaching better defence, courage and fighting spirit. The arm can also protect the target ball simulating the moving head and middle body of the opponent. These features are efficient to improve skills such as spatial perception, reaction time, strike delivery, and the mental ability to read the combat. Due to its complex and unpredictable dynamics, the ORBISTRIKER® sparring device can be used to address errors in technique, otherwise difficult to spot. These errors are likely to stay hidden if the simpler training devices on the market are used. The development of the skills is epecially efficient if the training with the ORBISTRIKER® sparring device is video recorded and/or friends are giving feedback. Dynamics can be tuned diversely. It is easy to implement hit counters and other accessories in the ORBISTRIKER® to make it even more addictive exercise device. The ORBISTRIKER® can also be controlled with electrical accessories either by a digital trainer or another user. And last but not least, training with the ORBISTRIKER® sparring device is extremely fun and addictive!

The ORBISTRIKER® sparring device provides a realistic, addictive, and easy way to:

- Improve spatial perception
- Improve speed and reaction time
- Improve timing
- Learn agile but balanced movement
- Develop better attack and defense arsenal
- Learn rapid and versatile dodging
- Improve strike delivery to difficult moving targets
- Improve the mental ability to read the combat
- Learn confidence, fighting spirit, and self defence
- Increase endurance
- Grow muscles and power
- Lose weight
- Get perfect body

For boxers and other martial artists. The ORBISTRIKER® sparring device is tunable and adaptive for various users from beginners to more experienced fighters. Pretty versatile and realistic sparring device, huh?

But is it safe to use? Yes! Safety issues were also taken into account while the ORBISTRIKER® was designed. The elastic safety joint in the arm protects the user and the ORBISTRIKER® from strong forces. Spherical ends for the arm are easy to implement in the final product. This way pokes deep into the eye sockets of the user can be avoided, and the use of headgear and/or safety goggles is also an option. It is also very difficult to break hands with the target ball as it is designed to yield appropriately. The moving target ball does not cause major stretch-injury risk for beginners more prone to miss the target. Beginners invest less energy in the ORBISTRIKER® making it operate more slowly. The speed of the ORBISTRIKER® increases with the skills, punching accuracy and technique. Hard surfaces can be covered with soft, durable materials. The use of boxing gloves is still recommended. Tripping hazard is eliminated by the limited vertical reach of the arm.

ORBISTRIKER® - A new innovative and addictive sparring device for boxers and other martial artists, the prototype

Crowd-sharing campaign

Vaakalintu Oy is now searching for collaborator(s) for commercialising the ORBISTRIKER® sparring device! Vaakalintu Oy needs your help! By sharing this official ORBISTRIKER® homepage and liking the YouTube video you can show the demand and spread the word! It is that simple! With more shares and likes more collaborator candidates are reached and convinced about the business potential. Another ways to boost the process and show interest are commenting the YouTube video, subscribing the Vaakalintu Oy YouTube channel, and buying an official ORBISTRIKER® shirt. And after a while, if we are lucky, we can start to exercise with the official ORBISTRIKER® sparring devices when commercially available! I know, I am as excited as you are, but sometimes good things take some time ;)

Official ORBISTRIKER® shirts are only available for a limited time!

Bonfire shirt campaign page

For all you collaborator candidates out there:

Consider also the extra business potential around the core device: accessory markets, other brand related aftermarkets, official ORBISTRIKER® sporting events and competitions, and so on. The business around the ORBISTRIKER® also has its positive societal impact: general interest in exercise and sports go hand in hand with the health and well-being of the people!

In addition to the ORBISTRIKER® technology itself, the ORBISTRIKER® trademarks, web address, and social media are reserved for your business:

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The business model of Vaakalintu Oy is to focus on inventing and license/sell the IPR further for commercialisation. With this concept everybody wins: customers can enjoy new interesting products, collaborators create valuable success stories with less time and investments, while Vaakalintu Oy can focus on developing even more inventions! For more information visit:


Requests for more information about the ORBISTRIKER® IPR package for licensing/sale, please visit:

Berggren Brokerage

ORBISTRIKER® and its logo are trademarks registered in Finland, register no 275109 and 275110, respectively, with applications outside Finland underway using the right of priority under the Paris Convention. The rights are held by Vaakalintu Oy and/or possibly later its collaborators as agreed in separate agreements. VAAKALINTU™ and its logo are trademarks of Vaakalintu Oy.

The technology in the ORBISTRIKER® device is protected with pending GB and PCT patent applications no GB1811626.9 and PCT/FI2019/050502, respectively, with continuations outside GB underway using the right of priority under the Paris Convention. The rights are held by Vaakalintu Oy and/or possibly later its collaborators as agreed in separate agreements.

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